Infuse design thinking into
your organization's DNA.

Our aim is to help organizations enjoy the benefits of integrating design thinking & practices into their daily environment.

Meaningful. Effective. Human-Centred.

We believe that enabling human-centred design thinking is the key to vibrant employee satisfaction, extraordinary service engagement and  consistent value delivery.

We work with Public Sector Organizations to transform complex challenges into extraordinary outcomes.

Transport & Mobility

Parks, Recreation & Culture

Civic Engagement

Urban Planning & Development

Environment & Engineering

United by our Values

Context is King

When you’re firmly anchored in your Whys, then What, How, When & Where flow naturally & effectively.

Maximum Impact
We don’t try to impose order on chaos – we just get them to play well together!
Head & Heart​

We think like business people…. and feel with pretty big hearts.


Sweat the Small Stuff

Little things make a big difference. Paying attention to details and going the extra mile demonstrate our commitment to being our best.

Hope is Not a Strategy

Hope is a wonderful, necessary, invaluable thing. But a solid foundation for an operational model? Not so much…

Potential Never Expires​

Regardless of how things are or how they’ve always been, possibilities are always within your reach.

Our Team

Paul Alexander Joo

founder & experience designer

At your service is over 25 years’ experience as an advisor, trainer & consultant specializing in growth strategies, service & process design and customer engagement.


My approach is both analytical & intuitive, integrating Eastern & Western perspectives as well as consulting & coaching strategies. All delivered with a focused and energetic innovation mindset. 


Operating from a human-centred systems perspective fuelled by a lifelong passion for human potential, my mission is simple: to help you transcend the conventional – and get the most out of the experience.

Miin J. Lim

Service DesignER

I bring deep curiosity and the expertise of over two decades of experience working across diverse ecosystems & contexts as a service designer, project manager and facilitator.


Recognizing the potential of service design’s impact from end-to-end and surface-to-core, I help create experiences that drive the delivery of engaging & sustainable services.


I’m a firm believer in building a better world through the creativity of human-centred innovation.

We founded EVO to make human-centred innovation more accessible and more practical, regardless of environment or familiarity with experience design.

Meaningful. Effective. Human-Centred.